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Vasanth Kumar R R R


































Vasanth Kumar R





KB(guess what!!)




Drums, Baski, Bird-watching(in my first year)



Best known for*





20/09/1983 (Virgo)



Ring me at




Know more aboutá me at

16/1 Lingappa Chetty Street-1, Coimbatore-641001




Both are Seniors!!!!



Madhuri Dixit, Kakka Kakka, Friends, Fried Maggi,Non-veg, Indian Cricket team


Born at

Chennai(brought up at Coimbatore)


Most weird dream

Doing it with a BIO instructorů..


If I was granted 3 wishes, I would ask for

More money

More friends

Eternal Fantasy


I Dream aboutů

Making a Movie (About???)


Favourite Quote

There is only one life!! Live it!!!


My Favourite Links

"    http://w3schools com/




If pink stands for romance, Vasanth has early morning pinks, not blues. From being served swetha special meals, for breakfast in Vfast, to being whispered to brush to remove the stench of hing size fists Vasanth has had phenomenal mornings. At the turn of the day, there is the nite, a looty, which enabled him purchase a computer in an attempt of classic coordination. A religious prodigy, Vasanth is ever present at the Aarthi ceremony for the Ganges in coimbatore. A die hard for free fried maggi, what people will remember Vasanth as is a handshake offering MFB.


* Filled by everyone else